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Useful Terms

To Assist newer members, and as a reminder to some older ones listed below are some expressions

used on rallies, with explanations of their meanings.

American Supper          

An 'American Supper' is an alternative name for a 'Faith Supper'. What happens is that everyone attending the buffet contributes with a little more so you end up with hoefully a whopping spread with some added extra's.

Nogging and Natter / Chit & Chat    

An informal get together with other ralliers, usually in or near the marshals awning.

Clubfest Rally           

All the other 68 Centres get together to compete in Sports, Handicrafts, Hobbies etc.

Plus a variety of evening entertainment.

A Follow on                 

After the National, Clubfest or Centre Rally, a chance to unwind and relax.

Southern Centres      

Similar but smaller than the National, Clubfest, a rally organised by the South Eastern centres and

held every 2 years.

Communal BBQ          

We bring our BBQ / Cooking together at a Centre Area and eat your meal together.

Birthday Rally            

A lively weekend to celebrate the EKC Centre's Birthday.

Charity Rally              

Centre Members running stalls and games to raise money for the Centre Charity.

Youth Rally                    

Similar to the Charity Rally but organised by the Youth Council for their Charity.

Harvest Supper        

Marshals organise a sit down meal. On Sunday there will be an auction of fresh and cooked produce

donated by members - proceeds to Centre Charity.

Christmas Dance    

To start the festive season.

Bring your Christmas Cards for other Centre members attending as the

Youth will deliver them for you (1p post).


Usually 11am on Sunday. A chance for the chairman to pass on the latest news etc.

The Committee serve coffee and tea (20p) and open the Tuck Shop.

Notice Board              

Read this for general information - For Future Rallies etc.

Dinner Dance             

The 'posh' do of the year. Black Tie and Party Dresses.

The Marshal             

The person who's doing all the hard work. Knows everything about anything to do with the Rally,

any doubts or problems they are the people to ask and works best if they feel appreciated.

So say ‘’Thank You’’ before you go.