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How Do I Book.

If you are a Centre member look through your rally handbook and choose a rally that you feel would interest you and your family, complete a booking form and post to the rally marshal named, enclosing the cost of the rally. Nothing could be easier! If you have any queries, or are not sure on any particular point, please telephone the rally marshal and have a chat, he or she will be only too delighted to be of assistance. If you don’t have a Hard Copy of the Rally Book (Click on Rally Book Link Below), Please Ring the Rally Marshal for the Rally you wish to go too and they will give you the Address to where you send the Rally Slip and Payment or you can now pay via Bacs. See Booking Form bottom Right on this Page.

It is necessary to book in advance (usually 14 days or more beforehand) so that the Rally Marshal can make appropriate arrangements to the number of caravans expected. Please do not expect confirmation of your booking - generally, you'll hear from the Rally Officer only if the rally is full or if there's a change of venue.

The direction to the venue is listed in your rally handbook and on the website, but to help you find the venue the rally marshal puts up ‘EKC’ direction signs (Half size number plate), on items such as lamp posts, telegraph poles and road sign pole.

If you are a visitor, please contact our fixture secretary Pauline Burgin ‘’Click Here’’

We look forward to welcoming you to an East Kent Centre Rally.

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